Playtech was founded in 1999 in Tartu Estonia and has since grown to become a leading online casino platform and games provider. The acquired Ash Gaming in 2010 and have numerous branded games from DC Comics and Marvel such at Iron Man and Batman many of which have random jackpots. They are listed on London’s AIM and their Headquarters are on the Isle Of man in Great Britain. They produce some decent games but unfortunately in the past have not been fussy to whom they license them. We recommend you avoid Playtech-only casinos and play them only at multi-platform sites or Bookmaker’s sites like say Sky Casino, Hills, Boyle etc. This is for 2 important reasons – firstly many Playtech casinos have a frankly unacceptable 96-hour pending period before processing withdrawals which won’t apply if you play their games at the near instant-paying sites like those above. The second reason is outrageous jackpot terms they allow their operators to have, which quite honestly need outlawing or at least banning by various licensing authorities like the UKGC. If you win a multi-million jackpot there are over 40 Playtech casinos which will ration the withdrawal at say 9,000 per month despite having been paid the whole amount by Playtech. This means you could wait 30 years to be paid it all, and would you trust the casino to stay around to do that? This poor couple didn’t trust they would, and were royally robbed of over $1.8m which to this date has never been accounted for despite the fact William Hill have since acquired the rogue casino in question, Joyland. In many countries the Fraud Squad would be called in for this, or the casino had straight into court for their unjustifiable and unreasonable behaviour. So read the story in more detail and beware – stick to the Bookmaker or reputable multiplatform sites to play Playtech slots and AVOID Playtech-branded casinos. There is a list in the long link above to avoid at all costs.